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Election Update

Today, the Supreme Court of Kentucky ruled HB1 unconstitutional and reset the state legislative district boundaries to their 2002 (pre-HB1) boundaries.

This means that if you voted for Bob Damron in 2010, you should vote for Bob Damron in 2012.

No Democrats face primary challengers and so our slate is set for November 6. You can learn about our candidates by clicking on the "Elections" tab above or by clicking here.

Obama for America Strategy Session

Everyone is invited to meet the new Kentucky Obama re-election director, Keidra King, at the next Strategy Session on Thurs, March 1 at 6:30pm. Keidra will be present to discuss Kentucky's effort and direction to help the President win Kentucky. The meeting location will be State Democratic Headquarters in Frankfort. Please click the following link for more details and to RSVP.

Women For Obama

On February 22, women across the country will hold house meetings to build relationships in their community and hear from First Lady Michelle Obama via conference call. House meetings are at the core of President Obama's strategy to win, and attending an event is a great way to inspire others to take ownership over this campaign in your community. Women are coming together in living rooms to talk about the issues that matter most to them, and why organizing for President Obama in 2012 is so important in this election.

Click here to find a House Party near you.

Mark Your Calendars!! It's time to (re)Organize a Party!

A few good words about what is coming up in the next couple months, including some important calendar items that you shouldn't miss. From the folks at Barefoot & Progressive:
The Party is yours, so you can always work to change it, reshape it, reorganize it and take it over.

One of the simplest and most direct ways to do this is not by giving money to the Party but rather giving time… and not even that much.

On March 31st, 2012, the Democratic Party will gather at in its most local form… at voting precincts around the State. If you are a registered Dem, then at 10AM on March 31st, you just go to your local polling place.

There, you and other Dems will vote to elect the Party’s Precinct Delegates. Three people will be selected from each precinct — a man, a woman, and a youth (which is generously defined as someone under 35!). [...]

Once you are elected, you get fairly minimal but very important responsibilities. These are:
Recruit volunteers to help with the Committee and campai…

Democrats ... We Do It Better

Show your support for your fellow Democrats and for the the Kentucky Democratic Party! Get this bumper sticker for your car today! It's free courtesy of your Democratic Party! Click here to request a bumper sticker!