Mark Your Calendars!! It's time to (re)Organize a Party!

A few good words about what is coming up in the next couple months, including some important calendar items that you shouldn't miss. From the folks at Barefoot & Progressive:
The Party is yours, so you can always work to change it, reshape it, reorganize it and take it over.

One of the simplest and most direct ways to do this is not by giving money to the Party but rather giving time… and not even that much.

On March 31st, 2012, the Democratic Party will gather at in its most local form… at voting precincts around the State. If you are a registered Dem, then at 10AM on March 31st, you just go to your local polling place.

There, you and other Dems will vote to elect the Party’s Precinct Delegates. Three people will be selected from each precinct — a man, a woman, and a youth (which is generously defined as someone under 35!). [...]

Once you are elected, you get fairly minimal but very important responsibilities. These are:
  • Recruit volunteers to help with the Committee and campaigns
  • Participate in the functions of the Executive Committee
  • Electing the Democratic County Executive Committee at the County Convention
  • Electing Delegates to the State  Convention
  • Keeping current records of Democrats in the precinct
  • Distributing communications from the party
  • Elect nominees for the ballot when there is a vacancy in county officials
  • Perform duties as requested by the County Democratic Executive Committee
In other words, you are not only on the front lines of the Party, you are shaping the Party. You are taking control of it.

It also means you have the chance to move up the ladder. If you are elected to your Precinct Committee, you not only then vote at the County Convention (April 14th), you could become a delegate to the State Convention (June 2nd) and you could, further, become a delegate to the National Convention… one of those very excited political nerds and other assorted weirdos who wear funny hats, hold vertical state signs, and clap on queue when they are told to in the midst of a massive political carnival.

I’m oversimplifying all of this, of course, but… if you want to be a delegate, if you want more control over the Party, or if you just want to be more involved, March 31st @ 10AM is the time to start.
The Kentucky Democratic Party has created a handy reorganization manual (PDF) with a lot of information! GET INVOLVED! IT IS YOUR PARTY!

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