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Attention: High Schoolers Interested in Politics

The Jessamine County Democrats are looking for some strong young Democrats who want to take an increasing role in the party. To take a leadership role in the party, you have to be eighteen years old. But another organization - the Young Democrats - helps to share our Democratic values with those who aren't yet eligible to vote (and those who are, up to age 35).

We received the following email and wanted to pass it along. Please share with any high schoolers who may be interested!

We are excited to announce the third annual Young Democrats of America High School Leadership Academy on July 8 – 11 in Washington, D.C.  This unique four-day summer camp will focus on developing the next generation of Democratic Party leaders.  Students will participate in leadership workshops and policy panels and will be introduced to the nation's top Democratic elected officials and Party leaders. YDA will provide an inside view of elections, the media, campaign finance, grassroots organizing, in…

Health Care Reform Benefits All Americans

Help Rebuild and Re-organize Your Party By Serving as A Precinct Captain

Ready to get involved in your local Democratic Party? One of the easiest ways to start is by serving as a Precinct Captain. On Sat, March 31st at 10am, registered Democrats across the state will gather at their local polling place to participate in Precinct Conventions. The role of the Precinct Captain is to preside over the reading of the opening statement and the election of the Permanent Chair of the Convention. The Permanent Chair then presides over the election of the Precinct Committee, which represents the Precinct at the County level.
If you are willing to serve as Captain in your Precinct, please contact Harold King,

For help in determining the name of your precinct, use the online tool at the Kentucky Voter Information Center

Upcoming Precinct and County Conventions

Every four years, the Kentucky Democratic Party rebuilds the party from the neighborhood to the state level. There are several levels of involvement within the Democratic Party: the Precinct Committee, the County Executive Committee, and the State Central Executive Committee. Electing members to these committees is done through a series of conventions held across the Commonwealth.

The Precinct Committee will be elected at the Precinct Conventions on Sat, March 31st at 10am. Location will be each local polling place. All registered Democrats in the precinct are encouraged to run, nominate, or vote in their precinct conventions.

The County Executive Committee, the next level of involvement in the Party, is responsible for all Democratic functions in their county. The County Executive Committee is elected at the County Conventions on Sat, April 14. Conventions will take place at 10am at the location designated by each County Chair.

The highest level of volunteer participation in the Demo…