Upcoming Precinct and County Conventions

Every four years, the Kentucky Democratic Party rebuilds the party from the neighborhood to the state level. There are several levels of involvement within the Democratic Party: the Precinct Committee, the County Executive Committee, and the State Central Executive Committee. Electing members to these committees is done through a series of conventions held across the Commonwealth.

The Precinct Committee will be elected at the Precinct Conventions on Sat, March 31st at 10am. Location will be each local polling place. All registered Democrats in the precinct are encouraged to run, nominate, or vote in their precinct conventions.

The County Executive Committee, the next level of involvement in the Party, is responsible for all Democratic functions in their county. The County Executive Committee is elected at the County Conventions on Sat, April 14. Conventions will take place at 10am at the location designated by each County Chair.

The highest level of volunteer participation in the Democratic Party is the State Central Executive Committee, which is the governing body of the Kentucky Democratic Party. This group will meet in Louisville on June 2 to elect members to represent the entire Commonwealth.

For additional details on how you can participate, please click the following link. http://kydemocrat.com/news/2012-reorganization-materials-now-available

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