Our Executive Committee

Today, the Jessamine County Democratic Convention and Caucus took place at party headquarters on Main Street. During this quadrennial event, we elected the twenty members of our new Executive Committee (listed alphabetically):

Peter Brackney
John Carpenter
Wm. Neal Cassity
Jacqueline Coleman
Kevin Corman
Lou Ann Kruse
George Dean
Leonard Edwards
Claudette Ison
Harold King
   Ruby Mason
Eva McDaniel
Chris O’Bryan
Tom Swisher
Sally Thalheimer
Cindy Tudor
JoAnn Travis
Joe Walker
Sue Wareham
Wini Yunker

The Executive Committee also convened a meeting and selected from its ranks two co-chairs (Peter Brackney and Harold King) and a vice chair (Ruby Mason). The co-chairs selected JoAnn Travis to serve as secretary, Sue Wareham to serve as assistant secretary, and Wendy Anderson to serve as treasurer.

Thanks to all who attended today's meeting! Our Executive Committee meets on a monthly basis (second Monday of the month, 6:30 p.m. in the Fiscal Courtroom at the Courthouse) and meeting are open to the public. We hope you can join us and help! After all, it's your party!

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