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What does the Supreme Court's health-care ruling mean for me?

The court's decision to uphold all but one component of the health-care law means new rules for insurers that have already taken effect will remain in place. Beginning in 2014, virtually all Americans will have to obtain health insurance or pay a penalty. There also will be new opportunities to get coverage, including state-based marketplaces known as exchanges* (through which individuals will be able to purchase private plans that meet strict benchmarks for quality) and federal subsidies to help low-income people buy plans on the exchanges. The law will also expand the eligibility rules for Medicaid, but the Court found that states can not be penalized if they decline to comply with the expansion, raising questions as to how effectively the federal government will be able to implement it.   
Use this interactive tool to find out how the Affordable Healthcare Act will affect you. What does the Supreme Court's health-care ruling mean for me?

Robert Damron named "Legislator of the Year"

Kentucky State Representative Robert Damron has been named "Legislator of the Year" by the Life Insurance Settlement Association, honoring his national leadership on behalf of life insurance consumers.

Ben Chandler Needs Our Help

This is going to be a tough 2012 with a lot of big elections on the line. Close to home, we must work hard to keep Bob Damron as Jessamine County's representative in Frankfort.

In Washington, Ben Chandler has been a strong voice for Jessamine County. We need to keep him in Congress representing our values and our interests. That's why we are sharing this email we just received from Ben:
News broke of a huge television ad buy in our district from Washington Republicans. They think that they can swoop in with hundreds of millions of dollars from outside of Kentucky to buy deceitful and misleading attack ads trying to distort our record.But they don’t know what they are up against. All eyes will be on our campaign’s response to see how much money we will have to launch a rapid response operation. The media, the pundits, and our opponents will use our fundraising totals to see if we can go toe-to-toe.Will you help by sending a contribution in the next 72 hours to aid our response e…

Volunteers Needed for the Jessamine County Fair

The Jessamine County Democratic Party needs volunteers to help staff our booth at the Jessamine County Fair.  The booth will serve as a distribution point for candidates' campaign materials, as well as general information about our party. Dates are Mon, July 9 - Sat, July 14, from 5:00 pm to 9:00 pm.  If you can help on one or more nights, please email .

Meeting on Monday, June 11

A  joint meeting of the Jessamine County Democratic Executive Committee and the Jessamine County Democratic Woman's Club will be held on Mon, June 11, 6:30-7:30pm in the fiscal courtroom of the Jessamine County Courthouse.   Andrea Ewen, Vice President of the Kentucky Young Democrats, and Rachel Swanson, Kentucky Young Democrats Executive Assistant, will be joining us Monday night.  Please help us welcome our guests!