KDP Chair Dan Logdson on Rep. Andy Barr

On NKY.com, the Chairman of the Kentucky Democratic Party penned an op-ed about the dangerous new congressmen representing northern Kentucky.

One of them represents us in central Kentucky. Having defeated Ben Chandler in November, Andy Barr was sworn into office as part of the 113th Congress. It didn't take long for him to show his true colors.

One of Barr's first votes was against a disaster relief package to help those ravaged by Superstorm Sandy. Logsdon described Barr as having joined "a small but loud minority of extremists who believe they were sent to Washington to force the adoption of the austerity policies we’ve been seeing in Europe, and to do so at any cost."

These policies are not best for America. They aren't good for Kentucky families and they aren't good for Jessamine Countians.

We need to rethink who we've sent to Congress. We need to send someone who represents our values when it comes time to vote in 2014 for the 114th Congress.

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