Redistricting Update, Again.

Since last year's redistricting legislation was struck down by the Kentucky Supreme Court, the General Assembly is at it again redrawing the state legislative districts. Here's how Jessamine County would be affected by the current proposal in the House, as reported by cn|2:
Jessamine County would be split at least by Rep. Bob Damron, D-Nicholasville, who will keep part of Fayette County and all of Nicholasville, and Republican Rep. Kim King, whose 55th District will spread east from Mercer County into western and northern Jessamine County.

UPDATE: It gets worse. Apparently, the House version slits Jessamine County three ways. The above split is correct, but Rep. Damron picks up a chunk of Fayette County along Nicholasville Road. In exchange, the 45th District is extended into fair Jessamine.

For those of you reading between the lines, that means Stan Lee.

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