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Lessons and Looking Ahead

Jessamine County Democrats,

I believe that the purpose of politics and of government ought to be to seek the best ways to empower and protect people.

My family has called almost the same patch of Kentucky soil home for a little over 200 years, and yes, it's right here in beautiful Jessamine County! Kentucky is in my blood and to stand up for her is my highest honor, privilege and deepest sense of responsibility. I do this through politics, activism, and even poetry. I will not back down from this endeavor.

To that end, I have followed my principles and values firmly to my dedication and service through the Democratic party. I believe in our party. I say that unflinchingly and with the highest resolve. I say that even in the face of things before us, the changing atmosphere in both Frankfort and Washington D.C. Let me say it again, I am proud to be a Democrat.

We have work to do, tough questions to answer, and hard lessons to learn but I believe in the Democratic party. I believe in O…